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radon action month
What's New this Week: 

                         January is Radon Action Month!

TEST YOUR HOME FOR FREE! - Pick up a Radon Test Kit from the Bayfield County Health Department!

What is Radon?   Watch the video!

Learn About Risk From Radon:

You can’t see, smell or taste radon, but it could be present at a dangerous level in your home. Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer deaths among nonsmokers in America and claims the lives of about 21,000 Americans each year. In fact, the EPA and the U.S. Surgeon General urge all Americans to protect their health by testing their homes, schools and other buildings for radon.

Exposure to radon is a preventable health risk and testing radon levels in your home can help prevent unnecessary exposure. If a high radon level is detected in your home, you can take steps to fix the problem to protect yourself and your family. 

Take Action in January!

EPA has designated January as National Radon Action Month.   Bayfield County Health Department is helping increase Radon awareness by offering all residents a free radon test kit during the month of January! 

Radon Q&A:

Can you name the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers?

Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers. About 20,000 people will die in the United States in 2016 from exposure to radon. Testing your home is easy, just contact your local Health Department!
For more information on Radon go to:

More people die of what kind of cancer each year, than from breast, prostate, colorectal, and pancreatic
cancers combined?

More people will die of lung cancer than from breast, prostate, colorectal, and pancreatic cancers combined? About 160,000 Americans will die in 2016 from lung cancer. 85 % of those will have smoked or were smokers at one time. About 12 % or 20,000 of these lung cancer deaths will be in never smokers, caused by radon gas. So test your home now and fix it if you have elevated levels of radon.

Radon I have a newer home so I should not have a radon problem, right?

It doesn’t matter if your home is old or new, it still needs to be tested for radon.  Radon gas comes from the soil around your house. So all homes have some radon. The more radon in your home, the better your chance is of getting lung cancer. So test today!  

I recently tested for Radon and found elevated levels in my home, now what do I do?

Fix it. The sooner the better. Most homes can be fixed by a trained professional for under $1,500.  Also a list of trained professionals that can reduce your radon levels, can be found by going to this web page