Welcome to the Bayfield County Health Department. It is our responsibility to protect the health of our residents through a wide variety of programs and services. From Community Health to Environmental Health and Emergency Management, we provide a full array of prevention, inspection, licensure, health, safety, and wellness promotion services.


What's New this Week:

 Targeted Well Water Study

The Bayfield County Health Department is teaming up with the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Center for Watershed Science and Education to offer residents of Eileen, Mason, Kelly, Keystone, Pilsen, Lincoln, and Barksdale a chance to participate in a targeted study designed to gather water quality baseline information in selected wells.

Once selected, homeowners will receive a fully funded testing kit that includes the Basic Homeowners Package and Metals Package, as well as further instructions on what participation of the study entails.


      · Register by August 14th, 2015 by calling the Bayfield County Health Department at 715-373-6109 ext. 279 or e-mailing

Individuals who have children under the age of 5 are eligible for a fee-exempt testing kit. Please contact the Health Department as well.

· Those not chosen to participate in the study may choose to pay for water testing at a cost of $49 for the Basic Homeowners Package and $45 for the Metals Package.


Community Health Improvement Plan
This process includes identifying local factors causing health concerns, recognizing community assets and resources, and mobilizing community resources to improve the health of residents. A community health improvement plan, while targeting local health priorities, is often linked to state and national health priorities. This plan includes statistics on health status, community health needs, and studies of health problems.

Bayfield County Community Health Improvement Plan
Historically, Ashland and Bayfield counties have completed their community health improvement plans (CHIP) together. Ashland and Bayfield counties are very similar - they are both rural counties and demographically comparable. The 2005-2009 CHIP for Ashland and Bayfield counties focused on four areas: 

     ◦ Mental health and related issues 
     ◦ Appropriate nutrition, physical activity, and prevention of obesity 
     ◦ Tobacco use 
     ◦ Environmental health, water quality, and solid waste 

After implementing strategies identified in the previous plan for these health focus areas, and evaluation was completed to help measure the effectiveness of the previous initiative. 

Click here to view the final version of the Community Health Improvement Plan.