Interactive and Mobile Maps

Our interactive and mobile maps allow you to access a variety of information available through the Land Records Department.

Basic Interactive Map

The basic map is simple to use if you are looking for basic information about a parcel. The basic viewer allows you to search by name or tax ID number and provides a summary of important land information related to that parcel.

Advanced Interactive Map

The advanced map provides many tools, layers, and functionality for advanced property searches. The advanced viewer includes Land Records, Tourism, Zoning, Conservation, and LiDAR (elevation) themes, each with unique layers.

Mobile Map Application

The mobile application allows for your phone or mobile device to bring Land Records data with you! The application is compatible with PC, Mac, Android, Apple & Blackberry devices. If using an Android device, the mobile map works best when using Chrome as your browser.

The application allows users to:
  • Search property listings and parcel data
  • Find land and tax records
  • Create customized maps, including many layers: aerial imagery, parcels, roads, topography, hydrology, and address points
  • Find and share GPS locations using Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

Feature Services

To learn more, please visit our REST Services page. Feature services will not work in ArcMap or ArcCatalog, but will work through the other online tools available through the services page. This issue seems to be related to a proxy setting.