Trail Conditions


 (updated 11/22/2016)
All ATV trails and routes on County Forest land are now open; however, some of the USFS ATV trails remain closed due to damage from the summer storms. (See Forest Order, Closure Map and Trail Reroute Map links below).
Please note that there is a new connector route on County Hwy D from Porcupine Lake Rd to Club Lake Rd (Ordinance No. 2016-20).
The USDA Forest Service has updated their closures in Bayfield County. There are two closure orders affecting our area:
Forest Order & Closure Map (Southern Bayfield County)
Forest Order  & Closure Map (Northern Bayfield County)
Trail Reroute Map to navigate the closure in Northern Bayfield County

USFS CNNF News Release: (11/17/16)

The Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest has repaired more than 300 miles of road and trail since the July 11 storm event. Many of the repairs were emergency repairs and will be permanently repaired in the next one to three years. 

“We have made tremendous progress,” said Mike Martin, District Ranger on the Great Divide Ranger District. “We have been working very hard since July to restore essential services and appreciate everyone’s patience.” 

To date, there are still 9 portions of roads closed where emergency repairs were not possible given the size and scope of damage. The Forest Service has placed berms and signage at these locations notifying visitors of the closures.

“Hunters this weekend should be able to get to the majority of their favorite places thanks to the hard work of our employees and partners,” said Martin. “We encourage everyone to review the closure map and to put safety first.”  

The Forest has worked closely with partners and trail clubs to get trails open or rerouted for recreational use this fall and winter. The only trail that will remain closed is the Morgan Falls St. Peters Dome trail. Trail 22 is now open, Ashland County approved a reroute for Trail 25 and repairs to Trail 90 will be complete by December 1. 

This also includes a very important connector trail – the Drummond Connector Trail (Trail 63) on the Washburn Ranger District. The Forest worked with Bayfield County to get a contract in place to repair the trail by December 1 allowing it to be open for snowmobile season.  Bayfield County also worked on repairs to Trail 15. 

“This has been a significant milestone in our recovery,” said Michelle Davalos, District Ranger on the Washburn Ranger District. “We are very thankful to our own employees and our partners who came together to reopen this important segment of trail.” 

“The mild weather this fall has extended our field season and allowed us to get even more work done than we had originally hoped for,” said Martin. “There will still be a lot of activity happening in the next few weeks as the last few roads are repaired for winter travel. So please be on the lookout if traveling in areas impacted by the storm.”

To see the latest listing of roads, trails and recreation sites closed from the flash flooding event please visit our website at and click on Flash Flooding Affects Forest. You may also call the Great Divide Ranger District at 715-264-2511.

In addition to the flood closures, there are a few minor closures associated with the blowdown event on the Washburn Ranger District. Please visit and click on Thunderstorm Damages Washburn Ranger District link in red. You may also call the Washburn Ranger District at 715-373-2667.

“The Trails North ATV Club, Bayfield County Snowmobile Alliance and Bayfield County Forestry and Parks Department have been incredibly helpful in clearing trails of debris from the storm events and we are very appreciative of their efforts in maintaining the trails for Forest users,” said Davalos.


Please use extra caution when operating on the trails and report any trail issues to the Forestry and Parks Department (715) 373-6114.
Emergencies should be reported to 9-1-1.

As always, riders should use caution when out on the trails. Please stay on the designated trails and routes and follow the trail signs. Be aware that there may be grooming equipment on the trails.
Trail maps can be found at area businesses and can also be viewed and ordered online.

The NEW 2016-17 ATV/UTV map has been published and is available!

To report unsafe trail conditions contact the
Forestry and Parks Department by email or call 715-373-6114.

For visitor information or to receive a current Bayfield County ATV / UTV map, contact the Tourism Department via email.