1. Aging & Disability

    Gain access to senior services.

  2. Child Support

    Learn how the county enforces child support.

  3. Public Health

    Check out tips for health and wellness.

  4. Criminal Justice

    Find out about criminal justice within Bayfield County.

  5. Emergency Management

    Learn how the county prepares for and handles emergencies.

  6. Environmental Health

    Browse environmental health tips and services.

  7. Forestry & Parks

    Visit local parks.

  8. Frequently Asked Questions

    Obtain answers to frequently asked questions.

  9. GIS & Maps

    View maps of the county.

  10. Grant Opportunities

    Review opportunities to receive grants.

  11. Highway Maintenance

    Find out how county highways are maintained.

  12. Land & Water Conservation

    Conserve your water to help save the the environment.

  13. Planning & Zoning

    Acquire details on building requirements.

  14. Law Enforcement

    Contact the County Sheriff's Office.

  15. Tourism

    Visit Bayfield County.

  16. Veterans Services

    Access services geared specifically toward veterans.

  17. Vital Records

    Request copies of your vital records.