County Forest Land Use Plan 2021-2035 Updates

                                       We would like your input

Use this FORM to submit general comments for the staff and committee to consider when updating the County Forest Land Use Plan.


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                                   Chapters available for review

The Forestry and Parks Committee met on February 17, 2020 and approved draft Chapters 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 and 600. Each chapter was available for public review and input. Comments were due by March 6, 2020. On March 9, 2020 the Forestry and Parks Committee reviewed all comments received and approved final versions of the chapters listed above. While the comment period has officially closed, public input will be accepted on each chapter throughout this process.

Below are a few remarks to consider when reviewing each chapter:

  1. The Table of Contents has not been completed. This portion of each chapter will be addressed once the entire document has been finalized.
  2. Most chapters contain references to items that can be found in the Appendix. The development of the Appendix is still in process and will be one of the last sections of the plan to be addressed. In the meantime, if you are interested in reviewing some of the documents that are referenced in each chapter, most can be found online.
  3. The remaining chapters of the plan (700, 800, 900 and the Appendices) will be addressed during future Forestry and Parks Committee meetings. Each chapter will be available for public review and input once approved by the Committee.
  4. Once all chapters have been approved by the Committee, the entire document will be compiled and available for another round of public review and input.

The final version of each approved chapter is listed below. If you would still like to submit a comment on a specific chapter, please use the online form (a link to the form is below).

                         COMMENT FORM

To view the current plan click the link below         Bayfield County Land Use Plan 2006-2020