Update 11/9/2021

Due to the ongoing nature of the pandemic, and the increasing number of new positive COVID cases, we are unable to maintain this page regularly. It is reasonable and wise to consider any community locations you go to be a potential place of exposure to COVID-19. Bayfield County continues to be listed as a place of high or very high disease activity level and community transmission of COVID-19. 

General Information

Bayfield County Health Department will use this page to alert the public to specific location(s) where an individual who has tested positive has been ONLY when the contact tracing team are unable to contact all of the individuals who may have been present.

Individuals who were present at the listed location(s), at the designated times, have the potential for exposure. This is not an exhaustive list and community spread is increasing. Do not let your guard down yet, COVID-19 remains present in every community. This page includes places within Bayfield County with public risk of exposure to a lab-confirmed case of COVID-19 in the last two weeks. The risk for named contacts of a positive case is determined separately and businesses in which all contacts can be named will not appear on this page. If you are contacted by a health department and told you are a close contact of a positive case, you should follow all guidance provided by your health department.

Establishments remain on this page for 14 days after the last known positive case was present. Please note that an establishment appearing on this page does not necessarily mean they did something wrong nor does appearing on the page always mean that the establishment should be closed. The Bayfield County Health Department attempts to contact establishments prior to their appearance on this page; when contact is made, guidance is provided about reducing future risk to staff and customers. 

Know that notifications through this process is about risk that has already occurred. We cannot know where people who will become positive in the next week are going right now and won’t know until the positive case is identified and the disease investigation process is complete. Bayfield County has confirmed community spread. If you are in a public place, you should expect to come into contact with COVID-19. It remains important to protect yourself and others with frequent hand washing, physical distancing, wearing masks, and staying home when you have any symptoms.

Locations of Exposure Over Past 14 Days

Establishment Level of Exposure Date Time/Details



A positive case was known to be at an establishment, but there is low risk of contracting COVID-19 for members of the public at this location. All who had contact with a low risk establishment should monitor themselves for symptoms. Risk is thought to be similar to the overall risk of community spread.


A positive case was known to be at an establishment, but there is moderate risk of contracting COVID-19 for members of the public at this location. All who had contact with a medium risk establishment should monitor themselves for symptoms. If symptoms develop, contact your health care provider for testing. It is not necessary to quarantine at home if you have no symptoms. Additionally, risk of community spread is still present.


Significant risk of contracting COVID-19 for members of the public at this location during a specific day and/or time period. Those who have entered an establishment for a very brief period of time and practiced preventative measures like physical distancing, wearing a mask and washing their hands may have less risk than others. All who were in an area listed as high risk on the identified date and/or time period should quarantine at home and contact Public Health for follow-up instructions.


For listings of other community exposures in Wisconsin, please see the respective county web pages or social media pages.

Northern Wisconsin Public Health Resources


If any questions or doubt about your risk for exposure in your community, please call our Bayfield County COVID-19 Hotline to speak with a health professional at  (715) 373-6109. Normal hours of operation are Monday - Friday, 8 am - 4 pm.

COVID HOTLINE 715-373-3324