1. Administrator

    Explore information about the Bayfield County Administrator's Office including meetings, grant opportunities, criminal justice, county budget, and more.

  2. Bayfield County Fair

    Find all you need to know about the Bayfield County Fair.

  3. Child Support

    View information pertaining to child support services.

  4. Circuit Court Judge

    Learn more about the Circuit Court Judge.

  5. Clerk of Courts

    Review information on services provided by the Clerk of Courts.

  6. Coroner

    Find information regarding the county Coroner.

  7. County Clerk

    Look through information about the services provided by the County Clerk.

  8. Criminal Justice

    Learn about the Criminal Justice System.

  9. District Attorney

    Browse through information on the duties of the District Attorney.

  10. Emergency Management

    Discover the services provided by the Emergency Management Department.

  11. Forestry & Parks

    Check out information on the county forest, county parks and campgrounds, and state-funded snowmobile and ATV trails.

  12. Health

    Access information on programs and services provided by the Health Department, including preventative care.

  13. Highway

    View information on how the county maintains the highway system.

  14. Human Services

    Use this information to find out about the Human Services Department.

  15. Information Technology

    Get informed about Bayfield County's Information Technology Department.

  16. Land & Water Conservation

    Learn more about the Land and Water Conservation Department.

  17. Land Records

    Access land records for the county.

  18. Maintenance

    Maintain the grounds and facilities

  19. Planning & Zoning

    Find out what permits are required (i.e. building a home, starting a business, sub-dividing your land, sanitary permits and /or servicing requirements).

  20. Register of Deeds

    Public location where real estate documents and vital records are recorded and filed.

  21. Sheriff's Office

    Bayfield County Sheriff's Office is dedicated to providing a safe and secure environment for all people through partnerships that build trust, reduce crime, and enhance the quality of life in our community.

  22. Tourism

    The Tourism Department produces helpful publications such as a visitor guide and trail maps and manages an event calendar.

  23. Treasurer

    Access information on what services the Treasurer provides to residents of Bayfield County.

  24. University of Wisconsin Extension

    Research based educational programs and resources related to Agriculture, Horticulture, Community Development, 4H and Youth Development, Family Living and Nutrition.

  25. Veterans Service Office

    Learn about the valued services offered by the Veterans Service Office.