Welcome to the Bayfield County Health Department. It is our responsibility to protect the health of our residents through a wide variety of programs and services. From Community Health to Environmental Health and Emergency Management, we provide a full array of prevention, inspection, licensure, health, safety, and wellness promotion services.

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    Frostbite 101

    The outside temperatures are starting to dip into the below freezing mark and the wind chills will reach the negative numbers, frostbite can happen within minutes. More Details...
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    Ice Fishing Safety

    Ice fishing is a winter tradition across northern Wisconsin. Ice fishing safety is all about the knowledge, and not taking risks. More Details...
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Preventing Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that when inhaled can be fatal. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a very serious, life-threatening condition that can occur when carbon monoxide levels become elevated and inhaled by a person. Mild cases of carbon monoxide inhalation can cause headaches, dizziness, vomiting, fatigue and flu-like symptoms; extreme exposure can cause convulsions, unconsciousness, brain damage, heart and lung failure and death. 

Carbon Monoxide detector

Carbon monoxide can be elevated as a result of blocked chimneys or flues, malfunctioning furnaces, operating grills or other portable fuel-burning devices (ex. space heaters) in a confined space, back drafts, vehicles operating indoors with poor ventilation, etc. Carbon monoxide poisoning can occur all year round, but is especially dangerous during the winter months when fuels are used to heat homes or other buildings. Find out more about what Bayfield County Health Department has done to help prevent accidental carbon monoxide poisonings in this Environmental Public Health Tracking Story.