Boards & Committees

  1. Aging & Disability Advisory Committee

    View current members and meeting documents for the Aging and Disability Advisory Committee.

  2. Application to become a Citizen Committee Member

    If you are interested in serving as a citizen member on a county committee, please complete the on-line citizen application form.

  3. Board of Adjustment / Appeals

    View information on the purpose of the board and browse through past meeting documents.

  4. Board of Supervisors

    Learn more about the Board of Supervisors and their responsibilities to the county.

  5. Aquatic Invasive Species Committee

    Explore information about the Aquatic Invasive Species Committee, including members, agendas and minutes, newsletters, and more.

  6. Children's Community Options Program Advisory Comm

    Gain information on the Children's Community Options Program Advisory Committee, including meeting and member information.

  7. Comprehensive Community Service Committee

    This Committee coordinates Comprehensive Community Services (CCS). CCS provides community based, recovery oriented services to Medicaid eligible individuals of all ages living with either a mental illness and/or substance use disorder.

  8. Development & Land Sales Committee

    This committee oversees all land sales and purchases and meets on an as needed basis.

  9. Ethics Committee

  10. Executive Committee

    Obtain information on the committee members and browse through meeting documents.

  11. Fair Committee

    View meeting information from the Bayfield County Fair Committee.

  12. Family Services Advisory Committee

    Look through meeting information on the Family Services Advisory Committee.

  13. Forestry & Parks Committee

    Find meeting and member information for the Forestry and Parks Committee.

  14. Health Board

    Access meeting information and past agendas and minutes for the Health Board.

  15. Human Services Board

    Access upcoming meeting information and browse through information on current board members and past meeting documents.

  16. Industrial Development Agency

    A nonstock corporation created under Wisconsin Statutes Section 59.57(2). The agency was organized for the purpose of engaging in activities described in Section 59.57 of the Wisconsin Statutes in Bayfield County and shall have all of the powers and be subject to all of the limitations set forth. The purpose of the Agency is to promote industrial development in Bayfield County by engaging in the activities and exercising the powers described.

  17. Labor-Management Committee

    This committee is comprised of union, non-union, management, and county board members and if a forum for dialogue between labor and management to discuss topics of mutual concern.

  18. Land Conservation Committee

    Check out meeting information for the Land Conservation Committee.

  19. Large Scale Livestock Study Committee

    The Large Scale Livestock Study Committee shall, during the course of the moratorium imposed by this ordinance, research, analyze and synthesize scientific literature regarding the impact of large-scale livestock facilities on ground water, surface water and air quality, specifically as those issues apply in Bayfield County.

  20. Library Committee

    This committee supports the operations of libraries in Bayfield County.

  21. Local Emergency Planning Committee

    Learn about the purpose of the Local Emergency Planning Committee and meet the current members.

  22. Personnel Committee

    Learn about the current members and past meetings for the Personnel Committee.

  23. Planning & Zoning Committee

    Browse through information on the purpose, members, and meeting documents for the Planning and Zoning Committee.

  24. Sheriff's Committee

  25. Tourism Committee

    Check out meeting documents from the Tourism Committee.

  26. Transition Committee

    Read through meeting and member information on the Transition Committee.

  27. Tribal County Relations Committee

    Obtain information on the current members and past meetings of the Tribal County Relations Committee.

  28. Other Committees

    View member information on the other Bayfield County committees.