Recording Requirements

Required Completion of Documents
  • A complete return address is required.
  • Certified Surveys must have lot number (if any). Include CSM number, volume and page.
  • Deeds and land contracts require Real Estate Transfer Return forms. Visit the Wisconsin Department of Revenue for more information.
  • Grantee, grantor, etc., must be plainly identified.
  • Names of all persons signing in any capacity (including notary) must be typed or clearly printed below their signatures.
  • Pages must be legible and reproducible with the ink black and crisp.
  • Signatures must be notarized. Notary public must date, sign, seal, and show the names of the parties who came before him/her.
  • The legal description must be complete and accurate.
  • The name of the drafter must be present and must be the name of an individual.
  • There must be a blank 3-inch square in the upper right hand corner of the first page.
We will review your documents for these items, but the responsibility for a complete and correct document is yours. As of June 25, 2010, the recording fee is $30 regardless of the number of pages.