Family Services & Programs

  1. Case Management Services for Children & Families

    Peruse information about case management services for families and children.

  2. Child Abuse / Neglect Investigations

    Gather information about investigations into child abuse or neglect.

  3. Child Care Provider Certification

    Find information about obtaining certification to provide child care.

  4. Child (newborn) Safety

    This information will explain a safe place for a newborn child.

  5. Community Support Program

    Learn about community support program for individuals whom are chronically mentally ill.

  6. Comprehensive Community Services

    Comprehensive Community Services provides community based, recovery oriented services to Medicaid eligible individuals of all ages living with either a mental illness and/or substance use disorder.

  7. Custody Studies & Step-Parent Adoption

    Access information about family court custody and step-parent adoption.

  8. Emergency Detention

    Browse information about emergency detention for individuals suffering from alcohol, drug abuse, or mental health problems.

  9. Foster Home Licensing

    Obtain information about foster home licensing.

  10. In-Home Family Services

    Check out information about in-home family services.

  11. Kinship Care Program

    Learn about the Kinship Care Program.

  12. Out-of-Home Placements

    Peruse information about out-of-home placement services for individuals seeking placement through a court order or voluntary placement agreement.