Real Property Listing Links

The Real Property Lister is responsible for the county's real property listing and associated assessment functions, supplying parcel based land information to both land information professionals and to the general public.

Although provided for by statue, no county in Wisconsin operates a County Assessor Office. Property valuation is handled at the local level. However in Wisconsin the County Real Property Lister maintains a substantial amount property information at the county level.

Accessing Parcel Information

Information such as assessed values of real estate and improvements and personal property values along with school district and special districts are kept and maintained on each parcel. Additionally, the Real Property Lister maintains information concerning changes in ownership, property splits, address changes, recording information of deeds, parcel history, and legal descriptions. We are able to access this information if provided an owner's name, property address or parcel Identification Number (PIN). However, for faster service please try Bayfield County's Tax, Property, and Assessment Information (NOVUS).

More specific information on individual parcels (e.g., square footage of building, date built, etc.) may be available from the individual assessors. This information is available for a few of Bayfield County's communities at the Assessor Data website.