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WI Statewide Parcel Map

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Our interactive and mobile maps allow you to access a variety of information available through the Land Records Department.

NEW Land Records and GIS Web Map! 
Our latest GIS WEB MAP is available! Need help using the map? Please view the Map Help Guide to help you use the map.

Note that version 1.2 is now up, and there are additional features. Small glitches and edits are being worked on.  If in the upper left hand corner of the map you see "Bayfield County Land Records and GIS 1.1rather than 1.2 then you are viewing the old map and need to clear your browsing history/cookies and refresh. If there are no icons showing up in the upper-right corner, please hit refresh.
 Interactive Map Screenshot 1.2

Basic Interactive Map (replaced by the new map)

The basic map is simple to use if you are looking for basic information about a parcel. The basic viewer allows you to search by name or tax ID number and provides a summary of important land information related to that parcel.


Advanced Interactive Map (replaced by the new map)

The advanced map provides many tools, layers, and functionality for advanced property searches. The advanced viewer includes Land Records, Tourism, Zoning, Conservation, and LiDAR (elevation) themes, each with unique layers.


Wisconsin Statewide Parcel Map

The Wisconsin Statewide Parcel Map is an interactive map aggregating digital parcel datasets from counties and cities within the state.

Bayfield County Local Attraction Story Map

Find Your Way to Fun in Bayfield County