2016 Flood

Heat Warning / Storm Recovery

The morning of July 21, a line of severe thunderstorms affected Bayfield County with wide-spread power outages and damage to trees and structures. In addition there are heat advisories for the county.

Please check on your elderly and house-bound friends and neighbors to make sure they are ok. In addition, get information about cooling/recharging centers throughout the county.

Flood Summary

On July 11, the southern half of Bayfield County experienced a heavy rain event. Rainfall totals ranged from 5 to 11 inches in about 12 hours. The deluge caused wide-spread flooding, road, and structure damage in the affected area. This web page is a collection of information and resources about dealing with the impact of the rain and subsequent flooding.

-- Updated 2:10 p.m., July 21, 2016 --

Hwy 2/Hwy 63 Open

US 2 and Hwy 63 are both now open to light vehicle traffic between Ashland and Hurley. Heavy trucks are still being detoured. See updated route map for details.

Road Damage Map

Here's an interactive map of road damage from flooding in Bayfield County. We'll be updating it with additional information as it becomes available. Here's another map of flood damage in Ashland and Iron counties.

DOT flood briefing paper.

Flood Damage Images

Want to see the awesome power of mother nature? Check out our collection of Bayfield County flood damage images. (Want to share an image with us?)

Trail Warnings

There are areas throughout the county where trails may be impassible. View the most up to date trail report.

Business are Open

Businesses are open and functioning normally; just allow extra time to get here due to some road detours. There are detours around all areas that have road closures. See the suggested routes.

Highway Closures

  • Highway 63: Closed one mile north of Grandview; Detours posted, CTH N to CTH A to Iron River for trucks; Raymond Rd./N. Sweden Rd. for light vehicle traffic.
  • Highway E: Closed immediately east of Four Corners Road. No posted detour. Anticipate open by end of September.
  • Highway M: Open
  • Highway D: Open

Damaged but Passible

  • Highway 63: Between S. Sweden Road and FR 404
  • Highway E:
    • East of Andrew Anderson Road
    • East of Arvid Road
    • North of Lund Road
  • Highway D: North of North Diamond Lake Road
Town Road Closures
  • Town of Barnes
    • Denver Road - Closed; Repairs beginning 07/14
    • Tars Pond Road - Closed
    • Pease Road - Passable
    • James Road - Passable
    • Lower Lake Road - Open with temporary repairs
    • Pease Resort Road - Open
    • North Beaver Trail in Potawatomi - Open
    • North Badger Trail in Potawatomi - Open
    • Clearwater Road - Open
  • Town of Bell
    • All roads open
  • Town of Cable
    • Lake Lodge Drive - Open
    • Big Pine Drive - Closed
    • Lenard School Road - Open
    • River Road - Closed
    • Cable Sunset Road - Open
    • Big Brook Road - Open with temporary repairs
    • Wollin Road - Closed; Repairs beginning 07/19
    • Ole Lake Road - Closed; Repairs beginning 07/14
  • Town of Clover
    • Nicoletti Road - Closed
  • Town of Drummond
    • Lake Owen Cut Across - Closed
    • Deer Lick Lake Road - Closed
    • Burgson Road - Closed
    • N. Sweden Road - Closed
  • Town of Grand View
    • N. Sweden Road - Closed at the south end near the 63 intersection
    • Old 63 - Closed
    • Camp 8 Road - Closed
    • Wisco Road - Closed
    • Old Grade Road - Closed from Club Lake Road going north; Closed from Namakagon Sunset Road going south
    • S Sweden Road - Closed
    • Otto Olson Road - Closed
  • Town of Lincoln:
    • Lover's Lane - Open
    • Indian Lake Road - Closed
    • Four Corners Store Road - Open
    • Ashland/Bayfield County Line Road - Closed near the bridge; open from Hager Road to Marengo
    • Snake Trail Road - Closed
    • Marengo Lake Road - Not accessible
    • East Altamont Road - Closed after the bridge
    • Koski Road - Partially closed
    • Old Grade Road - Not accessible from Lincoln
    • Mareng River Road - Partially closed
    • Iverson Road - Closed
    • Lincoln Road - Partially closed
  • Town of Kelly
    • All roads open
  • Town of Mason
    • Andrew Anderson Road - Closed
    • Bill Anderson Road - Open
    • Benoit Road - Open
    • Soderlund Road - Open
  • Town of Russell
    • Rowley Road - Closed

National Forest Closures

Washburn Ranger District Closures
  • Press release
  • Updates to press release
    • Forest Road (FR) 360 (Mulligan Creek Road) is closed.
    • The Drummond Connector Trail (Trail 63) is closed due to being flooded and washed out.  The connector route on Arnie Carlson Road is also closed.
    • A portion of beach and picnic area at the Lake Owen Day Use Area is flooded.  The shelter may still be used.
    • Namekagon Lake Campground is closed due to Cty Hwy D and other major roads being washed out.  This campground may be closed for 2 weeks. Please call the Great Divide Ranger District for more information on the status of the closure. Phone: (715) 264-2511
    • Shoulders along many roads in the Drummond area are washed out or under mined which can make pulling off hazardous.
    • Trail 44 (Battleaxe) and Trail 63 (Flagg Road Connector) are washed and rough.  The Trails North ATV Club will be grading in the next few weeks.
    • The soils are saturated along all motorized and non-motorized trails. If there's high winds (anything over 15 MPH), there is a chance of trees being uprooted. Be aware of the weather forecast before going out on the trails. Slow down on the motorized trails to keep the tread in place and to react to potential hazards or trail conditions.

Closures in Neighboring Counties

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