Flood Resources for Residents

While the sheer raw power of Monday night's storms and their subsequent flooding may have been breathtaking to behold, they leave in their wake a variety of safety concerns for Bayfield County residents. Flooded wells, septic systems, and basements are just a few of the many issues that may arise.

Well Testing

Bayfield County is offering free well water testing to all County residents affected by flooding. For more information, please contact the County Health Department at (715) 373-6109.

FoodShare Benefits

FoodShare replacement benefits may be available for those who purchased food with FoodShare benefits and the food was destroyed because of recent power outages and flooding in our area. To see if you are eligible for replacement FoodShare benefits, please call the Northern Income Maintenance Consortium 1-888-794-5722. 

Red Cross Cleanup Kits Available

Bayfield County has flood cleanup kits from the American Red Cross available.


Here are a variety of resources to help homeowners and residents recover from flood damage: