2018 Flood

Flood Summary

Recent heavy rains across northern Wisconsin have caused flash flooding leading to road closures. Road conditions may continue to change. Please check back for updates.

***To Report Personal or Private Damages***

If you have experienced damage to personal property – homes, vehicle, driveway, etc. – please call 2-1-1. They will be gathering information and attempting to match needs to resources.

-- Updated 2:57 pm, July 11th, 2018 -- 

(PLEASE NOTE: There are still many roads with loose gravel fills, patches, shoulders eroded, and areas being repaired; please drive carefully.)

Here is a map of major roads that are currently open. We’ll be updating it with additional information as needed. 

View the new Road Closures Map. This map shows the road Sections that are currently closed. 

US, State and County Highway Road Closures

  • Hwy. E west of Hwy. 63 is CLOSED. 
    • Closed between Andrew Anderson Rd. and Olaf Johnson Rd. Culverts washed out.
    • Bad washes near Lund Rd. and Faith Church Rd. 
    • Hwy. E near Ino OPEN to Keystone Rd.
  • US Hwy. 2 washed out between Tomich Rd. and Hwy. G, CLOSED

    • UPDATE: Official re-route for US Hwy 2 in this section is on Hwy. G between the Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center and Moquah/US Hwy 2.   SPEED LIMIT 45 MPH; Do not bike on this road during the re-route.

Town Road Closures


  • Sand Point Rd. (Closed 2 mi north of 13 to end)


  • Beeksma Rd


  • Beck Rd
  • Bellevue Rd -  ONE LANE OPEN (6/21)
  • Camp One Rd
  • Camp Two Rd
  • Canthook Lake Rd
  • Cutoff Rd
  • Horstman Rd
  • JP Rd 
  • Kern Lake Rd
  • North Delta Rd
  • Pike River Rd
  • Rocky Run Rd
  • Sutherland Rd
  • Warner Rd
  • Weikal Rd
  • West Delta Rd
  • White River Rd
  • 1800 Rd


  • Cisco Rd
  • Mason Snake Trail Rd - west end closed
  • Pigeon Lake Rd
  • Reynard Lake Rd


  • Franzel Rd
  • Hillsdale Rd
  • Sutarik Rd

Grand View

  • N Sweden Rd (washouts, culverts)
  • S Sweden Rd


  • Puscarich Rd


  • Dennis Rd
  • FR 425
  • Kallgren Rd
  • Klobuchar Rd
  • Pritash Rd
  • Selke Rd


  • Andrew Anderson Rd
  • Benoit Rd NOW OPEN 7/10
  • Bill Anderson Rd
  • Reiten Rd  
  • Soderlund Rd
  • Sutherland Rd   NOW OPEN* (6/27) in Mason.     *Note: Still closed in Delta.


  • Erkkila Rd
  • Muskeg Rd
  • Oulu Pioneer Rd


  • Crossroad Rd – washed
  • Moquah Valley Rd
  • Pit Rd
  • S Range Rd

Port Wing

  • Flagg River Rd

Businesses Are Open

Businesses are still generally open, but it's still a good idea to check before traveling. There are minimal travel restrictions north of Highway 2.


Due to the recent flooding, we advise to check if the beach is closed before choosing to go swimming due to the possibility of elevated bacteria levels as well as hazardous flood debris that may wash up onshore or be hidden under the surface.  Bayfield County Health Department will be monitoring the beaches throughout the week and post updates on the Wisconsin Beach Health website. All beaches in Bayfield County are now open (as of 7/11).  


ATV Trails on Bayfield County Land are open again as of 6/22/2018. Trails are passable but we advise riders to use caution as there are some small washouts and conditions can change, particularly if we get more rainfall. A map of ATV Trail Closures is posted here: ATV Trails - Bayfield County

Visit the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest site for details on closures in the Forest.

Tri-County Corridor is NOW OPEN; there are still several areas on the eastern end that require attention but known hazards have been identified and marked. Use caution when approaching ribbons, barricades, and cones.

Please use caution and pay attention to the fact that there is increased traffic on some roads where traffic is being re-routed temporarily. County Hwy G is a long term re-route for US Hwy 2 and should be avoided by bicyclists until it is no longer being used to re-route heavy traffic.

Closures in Neighboring Counties

Conditions for travel in other counties is also restricted. Please check for the latest road closures and travel alerts at 511 Wisconsin.

Other helpful websites for road closures:

For questions between 8am-4pm, call (715) 373-6113.