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WLIA Add-on Excursion - Ghost Walk Tour

  1. Bayfield Ghost Walk Tour Excursion

    This tour shares tales of the supernatural including "dearly departed" spirits who still linger in local homes and civic buildings, UFO sightings over Lake Superior, and other "shivery" stories. This tour will be offered on Wednesday, Oct. 23rd at dusk (approximately 6:30 PM). The walk begins at the Bayfield Library steps, on the corner of Washington Ave and N Broad St. Guests are invited to carry candle lanterns on the walk. Cost of $15 per person is due at the start of the event - 6:30 PM on Wednesday, Oct. 23rd. Cash payments only.

  2. $15

  3. Meet at intersection of Washington Avenue & North Broad Street at the bottom of library steps

    Tour begins at dusk (6:30 PM) and lasts approximately 1.5 hours. One mile walk around Bayfield.

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