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Mitigation Application

  1. Please use this form to apply for the following services: Shoreland Mitigation, Small Mitigation Projects, Stormwater Management, Construction Site Erosion Plans and Plan Reviews.

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  8. Small Mitigation Project

    Services provided may include a site visit(s), compilation of supporting documentation, development of a certifiable plan or written review, and final certification of completion report provided to the landowner and the Zoning Department.

  9. Residential Shoreland Mitigation and Stormwater Management Plan

  10. Residential Shoreland Mitigation & Stormwater Management Plan Review

  11. 135 - Non-Metallic Mining Reclamation Plan Review & Inspection

  12. Rip Rap Design, Permit Preparation, Construction Check(s), and Final Inspection Report

  13. The Bayfield County Land and Water Conservation Department aims to complete plans and reviews within 10 business days of receiving the completed application, fee, and/or site plan. Notice will be given to the landowner and the Zoning Department if this timeline cannot be met.

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