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4-H CANSKI Membership & Rental Fee Payments

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  2. 4-H CANSKI Membership & Rental Payments

    If you have trouble affording the fees, scholarships are available. Please contact Doug Liphart, at 715-682-7017 or Ian Meeker at 715-373-3289 before filling out this form.

  3. Parent/Guardian Information


    The membership fee provides a club Hat (2/family), instruction, 4-H membership, event coordination, and accident insurance. Does not include equipment. Please indicate the number of memberships you will be paying for.

  5. Elementary Skier


  6. Price

  7. Recreational Skier

    High School &/or Middle School Membership

  8. Price

  9. High School RACER Membership

    High School Racers receive an automatic membership by joining the HS Team. Fee is pd by activity fee

  10. Price

  11. Family Membership

    A Family Membership is required for the Family Equipment Rental choice in the Equipment Rental Fees

  12. Price

  13. Equipment Rental Fees

  14. Individual Equipment Rental*

    Per person price

  15. Price Per Person

  16. Family Equipment Rental * MUST have chosen FAMILY Membership above

    Use 1 for the quantity for your entire family unit. Indicate below the number of each type of skier

  17. Price

  18. * $20 Deposit

    *Price does NOT include the $20 damage/late return refundable deposit. Please bring your $20 deposit fee (check preferred) with you to gear check-out. Your deposit will be refunded to you if gear is returned in good condition & on time.

  19. Please list the type of skier (from the membership list above) with the number of skiers

  20. Continuing with your payment

    After Clicking "Proceed to Check Out", you will be directed to the Bayfield County E-Payment Center.

  21. Log In Or PROCEED As Guest

    If you have an account, you may either log-in OR Proceed as a guest (No Log-in) by clicking on the "Proceed to Check Out." You will continue to the next page.

  22. You will LEAVE the Bayfield County website.

    You will leave the Bayfield County site and be redirected to a PayPal site to continue the checkout process. You will either login to your PayPal account or click on the gray button to pay with a debit or credit card. You will be on the PayPal site. You will be directed to enter your payment information. Thank You.

  23. Watch for emails!

    Please keep an eye out for an email with a link for you to schedule your equipment pick up. You will also receive an email confirming your payment.

  24. Questions?

    Please contact Doug Liphart at 715-682-7017 or or Ian Meeker at 715-373-3289 or for answers to your questions.

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